Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Man

My Man

Kaliana, swimming ,sking, the Zpp and the WINTER CHLLENGE

                                   I also have a daughter Kaliana serving a mission in WA. D.C.

                                               Big Brother gave her a dental cleaning before leaving for D.C..
                                                               Carsten Sking with dad
                                                Carsten and Allison
                                                   Alicia and I and the Winter Challenge
The Zoo with Cabe and Lindsey

As many of you know I'm a Choreographer as well as a Zumba Instructor, Seminary Teacher, book keeper and PE dance teacher, mom, wife and a runner. I have just finished up with A Spring break Drama camp, The Music Man musical and the   Flight Jazz Choir.  My next couple of Projects are Summer Drama Camp teacher and Swing and Cha Cha teacher at  my last school of the year. Plus we have the Ragnar Run and Girls Camp YCL leader.
For those of you unfamiliar with The Ragnar Run. It is a 12 man running team. We start in Blaine , WA ( Canadian border) and take turns running to Langley ,WA ( South end of Whidbey Island)  We run 3 times each and it has to be completed in 24 hours.......yeah...what WAS I thinking?   
Easter was awesome as well. My kiddos and granddaughter Ava came up to spend the weekend. Egg hunt, eat candy, and play games. We also had a couple of extra friends join us. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior .
                                                                       Drama Camp
                                                         Some of the kids from camp
                                                     Cherry Tree blossoms at U of W
Easter weekend Gampa and Ava

                                                    Me ( G-Ma )  and Ava Easter

                                                             Fundraiser for MS

Fundraiser for Leukemia
 Slowing working their way out to Egg hunt while supposed to wait and give Ava a head start....
 The "Fast and Friendly" came to my house for a cook out. My daughter Karalee and her husband Quentin brought some of their GTR friends over. I think I had 5 GTR's at my house!! No Paul Walker or Vin Diesel in the bunch though. Bummer... kidding. they were awesome!

Tulips and Spring

Ok so I met a new friend today and she inspired me to start trying to Blog again.....
Her name is Lauren and she's currently living in China. Thank you Lauren.
It's Funny how you just meet some people and you feel so comfortable right off the bat.
Live in Mount Vernon is as wonderful as can be. Spring around here is unbeatable. When the cherry trees start blooming and Daffodils and Tulip are every where I can't help but be grateful to God and all he has blessed me with. 

 Caleb and Lindsey

 Caleb, He also took the above photos.

 Me at the Street fair
Karalee and Quentin and the fields as well.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Girls Camp 4th year hike

Girls Camp 4th year hike at Mt. Baker
So last week we had Karalee and Josh come into town and they went to girls camp with Brad, Kaliana and I. Kemiella was at regular girls camp at Cascade park, but the 15 year olds ( 4th Yr campers) do a 4 day back packing trip up to the Mt. Baker Glacier. We had 6 couples ( adults) and 12 girls. There are funny rules about hiking in a National forest. One being that your not supposed to have more than 12 people in a group. Which to us meant we headed in from 2 different locations. As the 8 mile group headed to our trail head we got a flat tire and not known to us, the car ahead , with us ,also get a flat about 1/2 mile ahead of us. We wondered why they never came back looking for us while the tire was being change. After tire changing and arriving at the trail head. The backpacks were thrown out of the car and we took a "before" picture , put on our back packs and headed toward the trail when Brad said, " Umm, who's back pack is that?" Kate Atkinson's bag had accidentlay been thrown out with our group and she was at the 5 mile trail head waiting for the drivers to get back so they could head out. Consensus was taken and the vote said, we take the bag with us.......So Kara's husband Josh carried the extra back pack on his front and his own on his back! He' s so strong, I truly don't think it slowed him downa bit. He did half the day and then Brad carried it an hour, Ben carried it an hour and a few girls took 10 minute increments. Josh could have done it all day. I didn't think it would have been fair though. Our group consisted of Tiffany, Kaylee, Morgan, Shantel, Hannah, Ashton, Jennifer, Elysa, Ben and Jen McKay, Josh and Karalee Smith and Brad and I. Kaliana was placed in the other group. I was bummed about that. I guess she lead the group all day as well. So we heard, they said " we should have sent Kali with you" I agree.
We hiked the 8 miles in it took 6 1/2 hours. Seeing as it was up hill and we were caring 35 pound backpacks I think we made good time. We set up camp at Mazama Camp. When we arrived we found out the 5 milers were just arriving as well .The cars on the way to the 5 mile trail head had gotton 2 more flat tires! So a couple of men headed to get the tires fixed and everyone else hiked in. They met us at camp later that evening. Both groups camped together.
Day 2:The next day I gave a devotional on the girls camp theme " Princess with a Purpose" I used each letter in the word PURPOSE to represent something that would help them achieve their pupose in life. P was Prayer, U unity ( one heart one mind) R repentance, P prophet, O others ( missionary work) S scriptures and E eternal perspective ( temple work etc). It was fun I laminated cards with a picture of Mt Baker on one side so it would remind them of their time on the mountain. We day hiked up to the Look out (abt a 4 mile hike, again up hill for half of it). There was snow so that was fun. Kara didn't wear sun screen, I'll explain more on that later. We slid in the snow on sleds that Ben and Brandon had brought , hiked up to the look out ( 4 miles round rip) and some including Kali hiked down to a frozen glacier lake. Over big boulders, they were so ruff, Kali's hands peeled later.
The other group that hiked in on the 5 mile route, 1st day,consisted of Brandon & Kate Atkinson, Dan & Renee Crandell, Chris and Lisa Johnson, girls were Kali Q. , Jessi, Rebecca, Marne, Umia. I should have mentioned it earlier.
We trougged through the snow, in tee shirts, it was plenty warm and beautiful. I also took Coda my dog. He 's 9 years old so he did amazing. Was soooo happy, he and Josh were the perfect hiking companions.

Day 3:The next day we got up and Kara's face was swollen and red. If I pasted her on the street I don't think I would have recognized her. She'd had an allergic reaction to the sun. it was prety bad. Should have worn the sunscreen.... LOL we got a picture but I won't post it, you'll have to talk to her about it. So she and Coda, who had very tender paws by this time, and Dan Crandell stayed in camp and we headed up to Mt Bakers glacier about 6 miles round trip, 3 up) We hiked across the snow to get to the ridge that you hike up. At the glacier we took a photo and had a devotional. That afternoon back at camp . Brad taught first aid, Kara taught part and Josh taught CPR. It was nice. The testimony meeting that night was awesome too.
Day 4: The next morning, Thurs, we packed up camp and headed out a 5 mile hike. Our group this time included Kali. We made excellent time. We took cars back to Kate Atkinsons and had pizza and water melon and pop, all heavenly after camp food for 4 days . It was an awesome week. Had a chance to get to know Josh better, had some great talks together. It was great!
This was mine and kara's second time doing this hike. The first year they did it she was a 6 yr camper and came as a youth leader, we've both been wanting to do it again . Maybe I can do it again in 2 years when it's Kemis' turn.!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving 09

Carsten and Allison and Kara and her boyfriend Josh were here for Thanksgiving!
Allison got her wedding invitations into the mail! Great job Allison. They are so cute and I've got friends facebooking me already saying they recieved and love them!
We went swimming , Black friday shopping , played alot of games and watched some movies. It was fun! Kara made Garlic chicken pizza and Allison made Calachis ( no idea how to spell it ) Both of which were excellent!
We all went to Aunt Cori's for turkey dinner, which was awesome!